Program overview

Program details will be updated regularly.

Afternoon -
Starting at 13:30

Preconference Workshop
“What Happens after Marriage - Managing Complex Alliances”
Anthony A. Hörning, Strategic Transactions Advisory

Did you ever wonder what happens after you have signed that licensing deal? Anthony A. Hörning, former Head of Alliance Management at Novartis Pharma, will share his insights regarding the ever-challenging implementation of complex collaborative deals.

  • What makes them challenging?
  • How to deal with decision-making and jointly solving problems in the context of differing perceptions?
  • How do companies develop their alliance management maturity?

Half the available time will be spent on a case study, in which participants will be engaged as if they were members of a Joint Development Committee.

Newcomers to the Business Development and Licensing world, and all those who contribute to their companies' structuring, negotiating and implementing of collaborative license agreements, will find this a stimulating, interactive learning session.

The number of attendees is limited to 30 maximum; please register early when registering for the conference.

Starting at 16:00 Welcome coffee & Networking
Starting at 17:00 Welcome & Opening of the Winter Conference 2018
  Opening Keynote
Jean-Paul Clozel (Founder of Actelion Ltd)
  Personal Development & Ice Breaking Session
Starting at 19:30 Networking & Kick-off Dinner 
From 21:00 onwards Meet your peers at the fire place, drinks offered by Swiss HLG
* including networking breaks

Monday, January 29th 2018

Morning session* -
Starting at 9:00
Partnering beyond Healthcare
Noon Lunch & Networking
Afternoon session* Finding the right Deal
Starting at 18:00 Swiss HLG Winter Walk and Casual Dinner, the Swiss HLG way
From 21:00 onwards Meet your peers at the fire place, drinks offered by Swiss HLG

Tuesday, January 30th 2018

Starting at 8:00 Swiss HLG General Assembly
Morning session* -
Starting at 9:00
Partnering beyond the molecule
  Closing keynote
  Closing remarks
From 13:00 onwards Lunch & Networking
* including networking breaks